X-ray surgical methods for diagnostics and treatment of heart and vessels diseases department

АксеновHead of the department
Evgen Aksyonov
Ph.D, highest qualification category doctor

The department is equipped with two sets of machinery, meant for a full range of complex endovascular interventions:

  • Catheterization of the heart and the vessels
  • Intracardial diagnostic studies
  • Percutaneous coronary interventions (angioplasty and stenting)
  • Angiography
  • Aortography
  • Coronarography
  • Selective angiography of the carotid, renal and minor arteries.
  • Selective angiography of the arteries of the upper and lower extremities.
  • Venography
  • Transseptal puncture

Over 2 500 patients with CAD and congenital heart defects are examined in the department yearly and around 600 endovascular interventions are provided. Also, first percutaneous ballon valvuloplasty in CIS were performed here.

The department provides training of endovascular diagnosticians and surgeons for regional cardiosurgery centers in Ukraine and other states.

Endovascular (curative) interventions

The department is equipped with modern two-projection views angiograph Siemens AXIOM Artis Zee, which allows to provide a full range of endovascular interventions:

  • Endovascular closure of an atrial septal defects with occluders;
  • Endovascular closure of an patent ductus arteriosus;
  • Angioplasty and stenting in the coarctation of the aorta;
  • Endovascular treatment of an aortic aneurism (endoprosthetics);
  • Percutaneous ballon valvuloplasty in cases of a pulmonary, aortic or mitral valves stenosis;
  • Pericardiocentesis;
  • Atrial septostomy (Rashkind procedure);
  • Removal of foreign bodies from the heart and great vessels.

More than 350 interventions for congenital and acute heart defects are provided in the department yearly. The staff conducts workshops around Ukraine and cooperates with E.U. and U.S. clinics.