Anesthesiology Department

Our staff provides more than 6000 surgical interventions per year. The department staff include 23 highly qualified anesthesiologists, 8 of whom have a PhD degree. Our anesthesiologists deliver anesthesia during different surgical interventions in patients with any cardiovascular pathology (among them: congenital heart defects, infectious endocarditis, acquired heart defects, ischemic heart disease and acute coronary syndrome,  heart […]

Laboratory of bacteriology

She is bacteriologist of high qualification. She works in the institute since 1968. Highly qualified specialists work in the laboratory. With the use of a modern automatic analyzers Viter-2 and Bact/alert 3D they conduct study of the clinical material taken from patients and different clinical objects.


Biochemical labrotary

Head of the department Klimenko Larisa Antonivna There are more than 50 methods of the survey among which: biochemical indicators ( total protein, glucose, urea, creatinine and others) ,electrolytes and microelements, ferments, lipids ( cholesterol and with factions, triglycerides), performance of homeostasis, pH balances of blood. Since 2012 came identification markers : Troponin T ( […]


Surgical unit

In operation rooms our surgeons are performing the most complete operations on the heart and blood vessels

Department of pathology with pathological anatomy

Head of the department Zakharova Valentina Petrivna Doctor of Medicine, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, State Prize Laureate (2017) Tel.  044 2704395 (9.00-15.00) On the basis of the department prepared and defended: 3 doctoral and 2 candidate’s theses. Main directions of activity: pathohistological diagnostics of biopsy, operative and autopsy material with use wide range of histological […]


Emergency department

The priority area of ​​the department’s work is urgent cardiac surgery, and therefore, immediately after the emergency hospitalization, the staff of the department performs functional, laboratory, radiological diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Department of Functional Diagnostics

The department has a large experience in diagnostics of various heart pathologies, interpretation of ECG before and after cardiac surgery. The telemedicine unit is installed on the department’s premises for remote control of patient’s ECG.


Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics

The use of the latest techniques allows 80% of patients to conduct preoperative screening only based on echocardiography, without catheterization and angiocardiography. Precise preoperative diagnostics of complex congenital heart defects (left and right heart hypoplastic syndromes, transposition of great vessels, total abnormal pulmonary vein drainage, pulmonary artery atresia, truncus arteriosus, etc.) allowed the introduction of surgical treatment of infants with these defects in clinical practice.