Bacteriological laboratory

Head of the department
Malysheva Tetyana Anatolyivna
Doctor-bacteriologist of the highest categor
Tел.: +380 44 275 44 55

Highly qualified specialists work in the bacteriological laboratory, who at the modern level, using automatic VITEK-2 and BacT / ALERT 3D analyzers, conduct research on clinical material, objects of the internal environment, identify the causative agents of postoperative complications, and determine the sensitivity of antibacterial drugs.

The laboratory participates in measures for the prevention of hospital infection, bacteriological diagnosis of bacterial endocarditis and constant monitoring of the sensitivity of pathogens in order to find effective means of antibacterial therapy.

The bacteriological laboratory is a participant in international quality control.

Analysis of large volumes of information collected during epidemiological monitoring of antibiotic resistance is carried out using the WHONET computer program

Employees of the laboratory are participants in scientific topics of the Institute, international conferences and master classes.