Laboratory of bacteriology

Chef of the Laboratory
Dr. Svitlana P. Spysarenko
tel. +380442754455

She is bacteriologist of high qualification. She works in the institute since 1968. Highly qualified specialists work in the laboratory. With the use of a modern automatic analyzers Viter-2 and Bact/alert 3D they conduct study of the clinical material taken from patients and different clinical objects. They conduct identification of the pathogens of postoperative complications, laboratory determines sensitivity to antibacterial preparations.

Laboratory participates in measures of a hospital infection prophylaxy. Laboratory performs bacterial diagnostics of infective endocarditis and permanently monitors pathogenes sensitivity with the aim of a search of the effective actions of antibacterial therapy.

Analysis of a large volumes of information, gathered during epidemiological monitoring of antibiotic resistance, are conducted with the use of a computer program WHONET.

Collaborators of the laboratory participate in the fulfilment of the scientific themes of the institute, they take part in an international conferences and master classes.