Biochemical labrotary

klimenkoHead of the department

Klimenko Larisa Antonivna

There are more than 50 methods of the survey among which: biochemical indicators ( total protein, glucose, urea, creatinine and others) ,electrolytes and microelements, ferments, lipids ( cholesterol and with factions, triglycerides), performance of homeostasis, pH balances of blood.

Since 2012 came identification markers :

  • Troponin T ( marker for myocardical infraction) quantitative,
  • Myoglobin (for diagnosing myocardical infraction and exam coronal mass ejection after thrombolytic therapy),
  • D-dimer marcer of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism),
  • Pro BNP ( for exam patients with dysfunction in the left venticular).

Biochemical labrotary make millions of tests in year. And always takes part in international interlaboratory trials and International standard on Quality Control.