Anesthesiology Department

Our staff provides more than 6000 surgical interventions per year. The department staff include 23 highly qualified anesthesiologists, 8 of whom have a PhD degreeOur anesthesiologists deliver anesthesia during different surgical interventions in patients with any cardiovascular pathology (among them: congenital heart defects, infectious endocarditis, acquired heart defects, ischemic heart disease and acute coronary syndrome,  heart rhythm disorders) in all age groups (from newborns to elderly people).

Physicians have an experience in providing surgery for patients with complex pathology, such as obstetric cardiology or cancer-associated patients with cardiovascular pathology. The department has the newest anesthesia stations from leading world companies. It helps control all vital functions of an organism in accordance with international standards. We’re trying to ensure the safety of patient during anesthesia and postoperative recovery.  The task of the cardioanesthesiologist is not only to ensure anesthesia in seriously ill patients, but also to ensure the stable functioning of all organs and systems of the body in one team with a surgeon and perfusion specialist. That is why the specialists of our department pay attention to the personalized approach to each patient. Ultrasound navigation techniques, transesophageal echocardiography and video assisted techniques are widely used.

The specialists of the department are involved in providing long-term support of patients’ life with the help of methods of auxiliary circulation, in particular carrying out ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) by the standards of ECLS (Extracorporeal Life Support Organization) as well as support with help of devices of auxiliary circulation (Intra-aortic balloon pump). Employees are constantly updating their knowledge and skills in internships at leading cardiac surgery centers in the US, Israel and Germany. The department is one of the main training bases for specialists from other cardiac surgery centers in Ukraine.