Surgical unit

ФилипчукHead of Department
Dr. Fylypchuk Vasyl
Pediatric cardiac surgeon. Master of Public Administration.

Phone: +38 097-650-28-38

In operation rooms our surgeons  are performing the most complete operations on the heart and blood vessels. Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery is a leader of Ukraine on the way of integration of new technology: hybrid, minimally invasive, videothoracoscopic, reconstructive and other complex cardiac surgery. Advanced medical technologies are implemented in the methods of treatment and operating equipment.

The surgical unit  includes a complex of units consisting of two operating units, a centralized sterilization room  and a laundry room. The department employs 65 nurses, including 30 highly-qualified operating nurses.

Operational units consist of 13 operating rooms, which contain 15 operating tables, preoperative and auxiliary premises. The main purpose of the operation unit is to provide, organize complex surgical interventions planned and urgent interventions in adults, children and pregnant women on the heart and blood vessels. All the planned and urgent highly-qualified specialized activities of the Institute are provided about  5000 operations per year. Operational premises and medical equipment meet the most up-to-date medical requirements, hygienic, fire and energy-saving standards, as well as international standards.

By  the direct participation of the Director of the Institute and administration  is carried out a constant updating of equipment and purchase of the most up-to-date consumables used during surgical interventions.

The centralized sterilization unit is a technological complex that provides automated purification, disinfection and sterilization of medical devices and instruments  with a division into three zones: dirty, clean and sterile. In sterilization are used modern high-temperature and plasma sterilization methods with software and control system.