Department of surgical treatment of heart pathology with multiple organs failure

ВітовськийHead of the department
Vitovskyi Rostyslav Myroslavovych
MD, PhD, senior cardiac surgeon of the highest category of department of multiple organ failure and obstetric cardiosurgery N.M. Amosov National Institute of Cardio-Vascular surgery of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, рrofessor of the Department of Cardiac Surgery of P. L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, laureate of the prize named of the N.M. Amosova.

The theme of his dissertation: “Surgical treatment of mitral stenosis complicated by calcification of the valve” (PhD, 1990).
Theme of his doctors dissertation:”Primary tumors of the heart (problem diagnosis and surgical treatment” (2003).
Author of 234 scientific papers.

Professional experience: 33 years.

Tel.: +380 44 270 27 18

The work of the department for surgical treatment of heart pathology with multiple organs failure is aimed at providing round-the-clock planned and emergency care to patients with acquired heart defects, heart tumors, ischemic heart disease and other surgical diseases of the cardiovascular system, which are often accompanied by significant dysfunction of other organs.

The department is an expert center and has the largest experience in diagnosis and surgical treatment of heart tumors in Ukraine. During the period from 1969 to 2022, more than 1,000 patients with both benign and malignant heart tumors, which were detected in both children and adults, were operated on at the institute. This is perhaps the world’s largest experience in the treatment of this pathology, which is concentrated in one cardiac surgical center. Timely diagnosis and urgent surgical treatment, as well as the development of new surgical techniques and the use of proven methods of patient management at all stages of treatment allow to obtain excellent results and save the lives of the absolute majority of patients with this serious pathology.

Surgical treatment of valvular pathology of the heart is one of the priority directions of the department’s work. An increase in the number of reconstructive operations on the valve system of the heart allows to significantly improve the quality of life of patients, to guarantee the absence of limitations in physical activity, which is extremely important for operated patients.

Timely coronary artery bypass grafting in coronary heart disease, which is performed by the specialists of the department, allows to avoid such a serious complication as a myocardial infarction, save the life of patients, and significantly improve its quality. Performing operations off pump (on a “working” heart) significantly improves the postoperative course and reduces its cost. The introduction of minimally invasive interventions allows to avoid significant cosmetic defects of operations, which has a positive effect on the mood of patients.

Combined interventions aimed at the simultaneous correction of valvular pathology, ischemic heart disease, and sometimes in combination with heart tumors are an integral part of the medical work of the department’s employees. 

On the basis of the department, doctors interns of the institute and students of the National University of Health Care of Ukraine named P. L. Shupyk undergo theoretical and practical training.

The high professionalism of the team combined with a sensitive attitude to the problems of each patient make it possible to make the stay of patients in the department as comfortable as possible.