Consultative and Diagnostic Center

Our services:

  • Expert Assessment of Cardiovascular Health:
    • Accurate evaluation of your cardiovascular system’s condition.
    • Predictive analysis of risks and potential life-threatening conditions associated with cardiovascular diseases.
    • Identification of risk factors and tailored recommendations to reduce them.
  • Comprehensive Programs for Prevention and Treatment:
    • Specialized programs designed to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.
    • Postoperative support for patients with cardiovascular conditions.
    • Assessment of the need for cardiosurgical and cardiointerventional procedures.
  • International Expertise and Support:
    • Access to second opinions from renowned clinics in Europe, the USA, and Canada.
    • Collaboration in joint scientific research and exchange of clinical experiences.
    • Programming and monitoring of patients with heart rhythm disorders.
  • Insurance Coverage for Cardiovascular Emergencies:
    • Insurance plans to protect you against sudden and critical conditions related to cardiovascular diseases.

We specialize in various pathologies, including:

  • Congenital and valvular heart diseases
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Heart rhythm disturbances
  • Infective endocarditis
  • Pathologies of the thoracic aorta and myocardium

Why choose our Consultative and Diagnostic Center?

  • Experience and Predictive Modeling:
    • Years of experience in monitoring and predicting the development of cardiovascular conditions using advanced mathematical modeling tools.
  • Collaboration with Leading Clinics:
    • Active participation in scientific research and knowledge exchange with prestigious clinics in Europe, the USA, and Canada.
  • Comprehensive Cardiac Care:
    • Proficiency in performing complex heart and vascular surgeries.
    • Exceptional surgical outcomes compared to clinics in Europe, the USA, and Canada.
  • Strong Scientific Foundation:
    • Backed by a robust scientific base, ensuring the latest advancements in cardiac care.

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Address: Kyiv, Mykoly Amosova Street, 6